CJSF Radio is Simon Fraser University’s campus and community radio station. CJSF offers student a chance to be involved in radio and has been crucial for students to gain hands on experience with media.

The station is a non-profit society and heavily reliant on volunteers to operate. In 2015 Ponder worked with CJSF to help re-design their volunteer training program. This involved conducting various interviews, focus groups and a volunteer survey to understand some of the benefits and challenges of volunteering at the station.

The research findings provided need insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the organizations. These survey results will now act as a baseline in which to measure all future survey work.

The survey findings suggested that there was a need from both the staff and the volunteers for a volunteer management software. Ponder then worked with CJSF to implement a new volunteer management software called Better Impact. Better Impact has allowed for the organization to effectively manage and communicate with its volunteers; Meeting the unique needs that station has around volunteer permissions and training.



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