Law For Non Profits


Law For Non Profits (LFNP) is an initiative of the Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society (PLEO). Law For Nonprofits was founded to enable British Columbia’s nonprofit sector to access better legal information, education and advice.

Engagement around legal issues is critical to LFNP’s success. LFNP engages with non-profits in three main ways: an online legal self assessment tool, community workshops and legal clinics.

The legal self assessment tool offers an opportunity for organizations to identify any gaps in their legal compliance. Once organizations understand where their gaps may be they can select a workshop that focuses on a particular legal area.

Working with Ponder enabled LFNP to improve its outreach design (Web re-design, new outreach materials), plan a city-wide workshop series and create a more engaging and intuitive online assessment tool. This work has helped LFNP get input and participation from non-profit organizations in BC.



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