Case Study – The Learning Disabilities Association Vancouver

In 2015, Ponder CEO Chris Diplock worked with the Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver (LDAV) to restructure the pricing of their services.

LDAV is a registered charity that offers one-on-one remedial tutoring for children with learning disabilities in Vancouver.  Their service often makes the difference between a child slipping through the cracks and developing the skills they need to succeed in life.

Using the same method that we’ve developed for our Social Based Pricing service, Ponder got the this non-profit organization on track to financial sustainability while still achieving its social goals.

60% of our clientele come from low-income households. Therefore, affordability was one of our main concerns while we restructured our fee for service model.

Working with Ponder allowed us to find the balance between a sustainable budget, maintaining our social purpose and being competitive in our market.

Implementing our new pricing went off without a hitch and we’ve achieved a balance between earned income and expenses, which should a goal of any non-profit in this current environment.

– Kate Raven, Executive Director LDAV

Our Process


Impact Comparison

Impact Comparison_LDAV

*Revenue projections are estimates.

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