Ponder provides insights into what matters in your community. We utilize tools from both market research and community facilitation to create a unique blend of community research:

Our Process

1. Collaboration

We first meet with the organizations’ key decision makers to understand some of the challenges the organization is facing and what capacity the organization has to be involved in solving the problem. We create a plan for our work that includes a strategy and a timeline.

2.  Interviews

We then conduct interviews with constituents of interest. Over the past 2 years we’ve been operating, we’ve conducted 44 interviews for various projects. We used these interview to help draft key research instruments, such as a focus group guides and surveys.

3.  Surveys and Focus Groups

We partner with organizations to promote the opportunities for participation in our research.  We devise various incentives and promotional material to help recruit participants.

We drafted all promotional material used for The Sharing Project and the East End Food Co-op campaigns.

We have created and worked through eight focus groups and four major surveys.

4. Report and Engagement

Ponder understands that in order for research to have an impact it needs to get into the hands of change-makers. Throughout all of our work, we work to ensure that we produce captivating reports. We also work to raise the profile of our reports so that they get into the hands of as many people as possible.

The Sharing Project report received coverage from CBC’s the Current, CBC’s the National, The National Post and the Province to name a few.

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